Our Engineer and Studio.  


Colby has been an audio engineer for over 10 years in the industry, working in both the United States and Canada in Los Angeles and Calgary. He studied at the Los Angeles Recording School in 2009, graduating with honours and ProTools HD Certification. During his time in LA working at different studios he was able to work on sessions for Drake, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood, Joe Perry Experience, Jennifer Hudson, Joe Bonamassa and more. After returning to Canada he opened RedTree Records and studio and engineered there for 5 years and had numerous performers come through the studio like, Katie Love, JJ Shiplet, Jocelyn Alice, Dear Rouge and Prince's rhythmic wonder the late John Blackwell Jr. Also during this time his work was nominated for album of the year in the 2011 GMA awards. Now with Wonder Mastering he runs the studio as our chief engineer, his ear and love for analog mixing techniques is a great addition to our studio.